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The Coup: A View From Pindaya

The following was written for us by a good friend from Pindaya, who for safety reasons wishes to remain anonymous:

Military coup is bullied to civil with weapon. The public influenced with fear in mind. During the 1988 uprising, students and pro-democracy activities were brutally killed. People are tears of blood. And they exploited state-owned resources for their own benefit.

Big countries are aware of the situation and have imposed sanctions. Therefore , it relies on China to export our country's natural resources such as jade and teak cheaply. For the benefit of the military dictatorship family, even state-owned gemstone blocks were misused and sold. People know that the people have no right to do that. They had to live as a working class. On the Burma-china border, Chinese people do not dare to cut down trees in their country. Those who make a living from the Chinese spice business of about 100 households have to cut down inland (Kachin border) if they need wood. The people of Burma are suffering because of the actions of the military dictatorship. It's only on paper that the country is progressing and there is no real benefit to the people. Public servants calls it “on the paper” . Mother Suu and her party did not respond favourably to the war, Rakhine and ethnic issues. Mother Suu Kyi and her government face many difficulties, pressure and challenges. It is well known in the international community that the Chinese government has no respect for our people in this matter. The Chinese Government is not a good neighbour. He is only interested in his own interests. There is a lot of evidence.

The military dictatorship has a lot of jewellery business.

Under Aung San Suu Kyi, their group was dissatisfied with restrictions. Before the transfer of power to Mother Suu Kyi in 2015 . The junta confiscated state funds, all the resources. For their own benefit. As a result, there was no money left inthe Daw Aung San Suu Kyi Party. The military leaders then, with their funds, formed the Union Solidarity and Development Association with their Supporters among the people.

In the Election of Mother Suu's impartiality, the team they have developed is causing a lot of trouble. They spend money to attract people. Mother Suu's team isn't like them. We stand up for the truth at our own expense. She was accused of stealing votes. Teachers who stand up for the truth are not satisfied with the accusations of public servants who have worked tirelessly and accurately. He falsely accuse the people of voting despite all the difficulties and what the junta is asking them to do again is not fair to the people. You will only see fearful ballot that are repeated with fear. It's no longer the truth. In the civil service, their men were disarmed and made to rule as civilians. Most staff in some ethnic areas are reluctant to vote for CDM out of fear. The people have gone through all kinds of hardships and are no longer strong. That's why we have to show the world what we really feel.

Now that the military has taken power, the people have no future. There is no hope. They live in fear and are insecure. In the military police, some ethnic groups also thought it was to protect the people. Because their families are in the military, they are reluctant to disobey the military. Some policemen and soldiers want to join the people but they are oppressed by fear and cannot get out. There are military and police vehicles all over the country. The army confiscated money donated by the people, arrest and imprisonment of pro- people activists, arrests of protester are taking place almost every day all over the country. It's being suppressed with the right to shot with a real gun. About eight people are known to have been killed. Some information has been blacked out and some are unknown.

The people are very worried. Only Aung San Suu Kyi's government is a role model for the prople.

The people were oppressed for many years and could not read well. They don't even know how to use facebook. There are many mistakes that can be made by using it knowingly. The junta is also trying to mislead the people with fake news.

Therefore, the people are not respected who makes mistakes; we strongly condemn the military dictators who oppress their people for their own benefit.

We also respectfully request the impartial international leaders to assist Burma.

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