The Lost Tea Company helps to bring a range of both edible fermented tea and drinking tea from the hills of Shan State, Myanmar to the UK 


Our products are also stocked in various locations in Myanmar.

We provide an ethical platform for the international sale of Shan teas, aiming to share its appreciation and garner well deserved attention for Myanmar's teas in the most sustainable way possible

Our logo character was created to represent the warm and welcoming spirit of people in Myanmar

The Lost Tea Company was born out of a love of a tea and the experience of visiting these exquisite tea plantations

Over many months we built a relationship with smallholder farmers who agreed to supply the company with their delicious high quality tea, enthusiastic that more people would be able to experience their products


Our tea is farmed in the hills of Pindaya, Shan State, where we work with smallholder farmers who possess exceptional tea growing knowledge


 Our direct contact with our farmers means that The Lost Tea Company is a small scale and unique supplier that can ensure high quality tea all year round. We are the only retailer of MSG free Lahpet in the UK that has the capacity to supply restaurants, delis, cafes and individuals


Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, possesses extremely rich and diverse cultures, remarkable scenery, and the generous welcoming spirit of Myanmar people
Bordering China, Laos, Thailand, India and Bangladesh, Myanmar is the largest country in Southeast Asia in terms of land mass. After being ruled under a one-party state for nearly five decades, Myanmar is a experiencing a period of change. With our farmers, The Lost Tea Company is working towards collaborating with various NGO and charitable organisations to improve sustainability, ecological benefits and transparent development



Helping to spread the love of Lahpet 

and all Myanmar Tea

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