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Lin's quick and easy BBQ favourite, crispy and packed full of flavour!



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DRESSING:: Soy sauce, honey, lime, toasted sesame oil, fish sauce

M,E T H O D  

For Homemade Tortilla

  • Pit the fresh sweetcorn and pound until it's become smooth corn paste

  • Mix all the flour, corn paste, corn oil and salt

  • Add water little by little and mix until it becomes a dough

  • Cover and rest for at least 2 hours

  • Divide the dough into 70g each

  • Roll out the dough so it is round in shape and pan grill on a low heat


For Lahpet Chicken Kebab and red pepper - Best done on a BBQ!

  • Chop the chicken meat and and put in a bowl

  • Pound the lahpet together with garlic, fresh chilli and lime juice until it becomes paste and season lime juice and salt

  • Add the lahpet mix to the chicken, and mix in half the egg and salt, pepper and chopped mint

  • Add 2 tablespoons of cornstarch to the Chicken Lahpet mixture

  • Attach to Skewer and grill until the meat is well cooked

  • Slice the red pepper into strips and grill until soft


Making the Tortilla Wrap

  • Thinly slice your cabbage, red onion and carrots to make a fresh slaw. You can also lightly dress this with some soy sauce, honey, lime, toasted sesame oil, fish sauce

  • Place your tortilla wrap on a chopping board. Spread mayonnaise and put on  the slaw. For a bit more of a flavour punch, you can add a slice of gherkin and some jalapeno. 

  • Place the Chicken and red peppers on the veggies, sprinkle with crunchy beans and nuts and then wrap the tortilla.

Sweetcorn cobs                 2     

Flour                                  500 g

Corn oil                               100g


Chicken Meat                   600g

Cornstarch                        2 Tbs

Lahpet (Tea)                      100g

Garlic                              3 clove

Chilli                                          2

Lime                                     1/2 

Egg                                              1

Mint                                        20g

Red Pepper                              1 


Carrots                                     2

Red Onion                                1

Cabbage                                   1

Crunchy Beans and Nuts  10g

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