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Premium, organic loose dried ginger, hand picked by small holder farmers in the rolling hills surrounding Pindaya, Shan State, Myanmar.


Traditionally drunk to boost the immune system, a warming mug of our delightful dried ginger tea will help revitalise you. A pleasingly smooth ginger flavour with a subtle spiciness. This tea is a perfect post-meal drink to aid digestion or great as a palate cleanser.


Our ginger is grown amongst the tea bushes as they are known to support each other’s growth. In addition it supplements the smallholder farmer’s income and maximises the potential of their land.



Quantity: 60g

Ingredients: 100% dried ginger

Loose Ginger Tea

SKU: 5065008557067

    A beautiful pale yellow liquor in the cup. The flavour is surprisingly sweet and then the heat kicks in. Really well balanced and enjoyable.


    This infusion produces a pale buff, slightly cloudy, liquor from the clean smelling dried ginger pieces. There is a herbal hint on the nose of unknown origin from the dry ingredients. The liquor flavour is without bitterness, having a gentle sweetness that compliments the subtle heat that develops. This is a pleasing infusion that delivers what it promises and is a worthy star product.


    This would be an excellent winter warmer, perhaps with a tot of whisky to add to the fun. A sound product, delivering on the description.

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