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***Great Taste 2021 Winner***


Premium, organic loose dried red turmeric, hand picked by small holder farmers in the both Shan & Kachin States, Myanmar.


This red turmeric tea has a lovely warm aroma that’s opens up for a fruity and naturally sweet taste. A cleansing cup of this tea is sure to leave you feeling fresh, as turmeric is known for it’s natural anti-inflammatory properties, while being packed with antioxidants. 


The red turmeric root is traditionally brewed as a tea in Myanmar due to its much smoother and sweeter flavour compared to the more common yellow turmeric. A delightful way of getting your daily dose of this super root!


Quantity: 60g

Ingredients: 100% dried red turmeric

Loose Red Turmeric Tea

SKU: 5065008557074

    Lovely, vibrant, bright gold turmeric with a rich, earthy aroma. The infusion is cloudy and the earthiness follows through on the nose. On tasting this was just as it says on the tin - full on turmeric, rich, deep and earthy with a slight bitterness and astringency. You are left with a gentle sweetness on the palate and feel like it's doing you good!

    The dry material is pungent but softened by a sweet note. The cloudy liquor has a beautiful marmalade orange hue. The nose has the clean aroma of turmeric and is spicy, full and round. On the palate, there is a delightful balance between the spice and a lingering sweetness. A truly enjoyable and surprising infusion.


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