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Introducing LIN'S KITCHEN!

Updated: May 31, 2022

Lin's Kitchen is a new Lost Tea feature that aims to broaden the horizons of all things Tea!

After years working as a chef in the Fullerton hotel in Singapore, Lin decided to trade in the big city life and return to Myanmar.

When choosing where to settle, there was only really one choice - Pindaya. The home of his wife Mommy Yone, Pindaya is a 'complete escape', off the beaten track, somewhere you can enjoy life. You can relax. It was the perfect place to create a home and raising a family.

Lin began by managing the impressive hotel & restaurant Inle Inn before opening the much adored Wah Te restaurant on the banks of Pon Taloke lake, in the centre of the town. With its beautiful bamboo structure, organic vegetable garden and unbelievably delicious food it is easy to see why it's such a hit. Through the years of living in Pindaya, I can safely say I spent almost as much time at Wah Te as I did in the tea factory. It was here that our firm friendship was born, a common love of food, cold beer and attempting Karaoke.

At the same time as success with Wah Te, came his three little kitchen helpers, Emily and Ellie are twins and the youngest is Emma. These three integral members of the kitchen team are his biggest supporters, but also biggest critics. Emily and Ellie's specialities are pizzas and burgers, whilst Emma is a cake fanatic. Rumour has it she can hear her mum getting the whisk out whilst she is still at school!

When it comes to kitchen companions though, none are more important than Mommy Yone who in Lin's words is "not so much Queen of the kitchen as Empress!". As you can imagine, she is also an excellent chef, and has been very successful with her own bakery.

Now I would get in a lot of trouble if I didn't mention Coconut, the family dog, kitchen mascot and chief snuffler of spilt treats.

With this crack team, Lin's kitchen was born, a Lost Tea collaboration that aims to take Lahpet to the next level. Watch this space for some of the most TEAriffic, mind blowing recipes!

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