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Lin's Crunchy Tea Croquettes with Lahpet Mayo

Line up, line up! We've got another instalment of Lin's kitchen and oh boy is it a goody. These finger lickingly delectable rice and green tea croquettes with a Lahpet mayo dip are ridiculously easy to make and mind blowingly moorish.


Rice 200g Water 500g GreenTea 15g Salt 5g Mayonnaise 100g Tea 15g Egg 1 no. Flour 50g Breadcrumbs 150 g lime or Lemon 1 no. warm water 20g Tabasco Pepper Sauce 1 Tsp


- Cook the 200g of rice together with 500g of water and 10 g of Green Tea. We recommend using a filter/infuser bag for Green Tea

- When the rice is done, transfer to a blender or pounder and mash the rice until it becomes a dough

- Use the a little bit of oil apply to your hands to prevent the rice dough from sticking to them. Roll and shape the dough

- Coat the shaped dough with flour, then egg and finally breadcrumbs.

- Preheat cooking oil to 360 degrees F

- Fry the breadcrumbed rice fingers until they turn golden colour.

For Lahpet Mayo Dip

- Place the 15g of Chopped Lahpet in a bowl and mix with:

  • 100g of mayo

  • 10 g of warm water,

  • 1 teaspoon of fresh lime juice

  • 1 teaspoon of tabasco

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