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Lin's Banging Chicken Lahpet Wrap

Our first instalment of Lin’s kitchen is a finger lickin’, flavour filled, masTEAstroke!

When discussing with Lin about what kind of tasty treats he would be making, nothing was off the table. With his handy team of kitchen helpers Lin has been masterminding a treasure trove of mouthwatering recipes.

What a way to kick things off, as first up is his Banging Chicken Lahpet Wrap!

With a marinade of lahpet, chilli, garlic and mint the chicken certainly isn’t lacking in flavour. Combined with a crunchy slaw and placed in a soft tortilla wrap this is has already become a favourite BBQ dish this summer.

Tortilla with Lahpetchicken Tikka

Fresh SweetCorn 2no.

Flour (general use) 500 gram

Corn oil 100g

Chicken Meat 600g

Lahpet (Tea) 100g

Garlic 3 clove

Chili (spicy) 2 no.

lime 1 no.

egg 1 no.

Mints leaf 20g

Carrots 2no.

Red Onion 1no.

Courgette 1no.

Crunchy Beans

and Nuts 10g

Dressing – Soy sauce, honey, lime, toasted sesame oil, fish sauce

For Homemade Tortilla

  • Pit the fresh sweet corn and pound until it's become smooth corn paste.

  • Mix all the flour, corn paste , corn oil , and salt .

  • Add the water a little by little and mix until it becomes dough form.

  • Cover and Rest the dough for at least 2 hours.

  • Divide the dough 70g each.

  • Roll out the dough round shape(look like the pizza) and Pangrill with low fire.

For Lahpet Chicken Tikka (Kebab)

  • Chop the chicken meat and put in a bowl.

  • Pound the lahpet(tea) together with garlic,fresh chili until it becomes paste and marinate with lime juice and salt.

  • Place chicken and lahpet in a medium bowl ,add half the egg and salt , pepper and chopped mint.

  • Add 2 tablespoons of cornstarch to the Chicken Lahpet mixture.

  • Attach to Skewer and grill until the meat is well cooked.

Making the Tortilla Wrap

  • Place the pan grilled tortilla bread on the chopping board. Spread the Mayonnaise on the bread and place the slaw (cabbage,tomato). If you want more hits to your mouth, you can add a slice of gherkin and jalapeno.

  • Place the Chicken Kebab and lahpet on the veggies and apply the tomato ketchup and Mayo then wrap the tortilla.

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