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အသီးမှာ သရက်   အသားမှာ ၀က်   အရွက်မှာ လက်ဖက်
"Of all the fruit, the mango is the best; of all the meat, the pork is the best; and of all the leaves, lahpet is the best"

- Traditional Burmese Proverb

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Myanmar’s delicious edible fermented tea, known locally as Lahpet, has been enjoyed across the country for centuries. Lahpet is the delectable essential ingredient in the iconic national dish Lahpet Thoke, a tea leaf salad. These famous tea leaves have been fermented for 3 months to produce a unique and unforgettable taste with a strong umami flavour. Bursting with antioxidants Lahpet is a healthy and tasty addition to a range of dishes, and can happily be eaten on it’s own as a snack. 


Make your meal unreal, add Lahpet.

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We wholeheartedly recommend the The Lost Tea Company's Fermented Tea and Crunchy Beans!

It has been a real hit whenever we have served it and is super easy to add into a variety of our dishes. It's incredibly  moreish!

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OUR BESTSELLING FAVOURITE! Pindaya's most loved  tea is a neat, well made leaf with a refreshing, light and clean liquor. These leaves can be used THREE times, and get better with each brew! Lacks the astringent taste of mass produced green tea.

OUR KNOCKOUT PREMIUM BLACK TEA! Known as red tea in Myanmar, these whole organic rolled leaves brew a pleasantly smooth black tea, with subtle fruity overtones. The rich flavour develops into a lovely sweet aftertaste that lingers on the palate. No need for sugar or milk and like the green tea, the leaves can be re-brewed multiple times.

OUR FABULOUSLY FIERY GINGER TEA! Traditionally drunk to boost the immune system, a warming mug of our delightful dried ginger tea will help revitalise you. A pleasingly smooth ginger flavour with a subtle spiciness. This tea is a perfect post-meal drink to aid digestion or great as a palate cleanser.

Tea has been cultivated in Myanmar for centuries. We work with a collective of smallholder farmers in and around the beautiful town of Pindaya, who possess exceptional tea growing knowledge. This expertise in everything tea has been developed over generations of living and farming in the area. All of our tea is handpicked and organic ensuring only the highest quality leaves end up in your  teapot.




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OUR NEW RIP-ROARING RED TURMERIC! An alluring, fragrant aroma surrounds a mug of this red turmeric tea, giving way to a warming & fruity taste. Packed full of antioxidants, red turmeric is also know to be naturally anti-inflammatory, whilst being smoother & sweeter than common yellow turmeric. A delightful way of getting your daily dose of this super root!

Our commitment to sustainable agricultural practices is mirrored in our attitude to packaging, with our drinking teas being enclosed in plastic free packaging.

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